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A good and a safe stay can reduce most of the pressures of any journey!

The Delhi hotels could be considered under the mixed category, which comprises of a dynamic combo of affordable hotels, exotic hotels, luxury hotels and cheap hotels, affordable guests houses, etc… one could also try the options of paying guest options, where one could get good home food and warm hospitality, besides cleanliness, everything at much affordable prices. There are many guests houses/home stays accommodations at affordable rates and at good comfort. But, before choosing any hotel in the Delhi city, do a detailed research regarding the stay and the reviews regarding its services. It is advisable to book the hotels, well in advance, especially in the peak season of July to October, where numerous tourists would come in to enjoy the experience of the city. The reason for this is that it is not only costlier at the last minute, but also difficult to get the availability of hotel rooms. The most significant thing, which would add more weightage to your search process, would be the finest choice of hotels with proximity to the transportation facilities. If you are new to Delhi, then it is always advisable to stay in or around a business hub, because there wouldn’t be any big risks involved in commuting from one place to another.

Best places with Best Hotels to Stay

Some of the best places, which act as the best source of affordable and exotic hotels, are portrayed as follows:

Connaught Place

This area in Delhi is a best hub of fast moving life and dynamic activities, as it comprises of shopping centers, food centers, fashionable stores, Cottage Emporium, etc… It comprises of a good collection of hotels, ranging from 5 star hotels like, the Imperial, Le Meridian to the affordable options like, the Ambassador, Jukaso Inn, etc… This place would be a best option, especially for tourists, who are trying to stick around a good dynamic place from where, they could commute to different amusing places, easily.


It is an area of sizzling activities and a center of tourists’ attraction. Here, one could find low budget hotels and dormitories, which would roughly cost around Rs. 500 for a night’s stay. The hotel rooms in this area would not be expensive enough to amuse the guests, but would be definitely adventurous in nature and in that way would amaze the tourists.

South Delhi

This area comprises of the most expensive hotels in the city, which involves hotels such as, the Hyatt, the Taj Palace, the Ashok, etc… but it is nearer to many business centers and the airport, hence it would be the best choice for business, or other work related people, who had come to Delhi for business purposes. One could also find affordable/middle class status hotels in the areas Vasant Vihar, Chanakyapuri, etc…

North Delhi

This area comprises of hotels designed for small term business purposes, hence the costs are affordable. At the same time, it has got one of the oldest, exotic hotels in the city, namely, the Oberoi Maidens.

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